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Trenovum Solutions Lda


As a young, dynamic and aspiring real estate company, Trenovum aims to create added value in the real estate segment and strengthen the city of Porto and its surrounding area in a sustainable appreciation of its living space.


On the basis of a sustainable investment policy in the real estate segment, Trenovum aims to achieve added value for all stakeholders and to assume responsibility towards society and the environment. Offering comprehensive and innovative solutions allows Trenovum to positively shape the urban and rural real estate development in the North of Portugal.


Passion: Each property has its own history. Trenovum therefore approaches every project with great passion and adds personality and individuality to each object.

Integrity: Trenovum is an authentic and reliable business partner. All stakeholders can expect transparent communication and action in accordance with legal and ethical principles. 

Sustainability: Trenovum orients its actions on a mindset of sustainable appreciation. The investment policy reflects this philosophy.


Trenovum Solutions concentrates its activities on the purchase, restoration and management of strategically interesting properties in the North of Portugal, with a particular focus on Porto. The company was founded in December 2016 with headquarters in Porto, Portugal and operates under the legal form of a Limitada (Lda).


Trenovum aims at becoming a sustainable contributor to Portugal's real estate market. In doing so, Trenovum relies on in-depth industry know-how and a strong network of relevant market participants and thought leaders.
The local presence leads to a profound understanding of the real estate market and its relevant stakeholders in Porto and Northern Portugal, and thus constantly harbours new opportunities.

In addition to these core elements, the right incentive structure and synergy effects are among the most important strategic components of all of Trenovum's activities. An intact incentive system, which excludes conflicts of interest as far as possible, within the company as well as in business relationships ensures trust and results in the best possible result for all parties involved. Synergy effects are to be achieved along the value chain in the real estate segment. These two main strategic components accompany and guide every activity of Trenovum.

Diogo Ribeiro

Diogo Ribeiro

CEO / Board Member

Christiana Gerber

Christiana Gerber

CFO / Board Member

Dario Messi

Dario Messi

Board Member

Michael Jacot

Michel Jacot

Board Member


Trenovum Solutions Lda.

Rua do Bonjardim 638

4000-118 Porto



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