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The confidentiality and integrity of your personal data is one of our main concerns.

Your personal data shall be collected for marketing and communication (communication of information, products and offers of Trenovum Solutions Lda.) purposes under the terms of the newsletter subscription form that is on the home page of the website. Under the terms of the data protection legislation that is in effect in the European Union (General Data Protection Regulation), the use of personal data has to be justified under at least one legal base for the processing of personal data. The legal base applicable for the collection and use of personal data for marketing and communication purposes is your consent.
By using our website the user gives us permission so that we may collect, use and disclose their personal information according to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy you may not use the website or submit information to us through our website or in a way that is related to it.
We comply with the principles defined by the applicable law.




Upon visiting the website, the user accepts the practices described in this Privacy Policy and gives us permission to collect and use their personal information for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy and for any other purposes considered reasonably necessary for the adequate provision or management of the website and of the activity of Trenovum Solutions Lda.
Bear in mind that the website may contain links to other websites that are out of our control. If you access other websites using the supplied links, the providers of those other websites may collect information of yours that will be used by them under the terms of their respective Privacy Policy, which may be different from ours. Trenovum Solutions Lda. will not be responsible for the privacy policies of any other website that you visit.




When you transmitted your personal data to us, you were given the opportunity to subscribe to our marketing communications.
You may subscribe or cancel the sending of our marketing communications at any time. All of the marketing emails contain a link so that you may choose not to receive any more marketing communications from the website.




We collect your personal data for various reasons. Namely, it allows us to customise your experience on our website, send you information regarding our products and offers.




Add you to one of our mailing lists;
Communicate with you;
Provide any service or request that you have requested from us;
Customise the service we provide to you;
Send suggestions, offers or news related to the products of the Trenovum Solutions Lda.
Our website collaborates with compulsory request made by legal authorities and reserves the right to disclose information that allows for the identification to detect fraud situations.
The information may be shared with governmental organisations or other companies that support in the prevention or investigation of fraud, whenever:
Such is required or permitted by law;
When attempting to protect or prevent a real fraud or a potentially unauthorised transaction;
When investigating a fraud that has already occurred.




To obtain a copy of your personal data that are detained by Trenovum Solutions Lda. please make your request by e-mail to:




Trenovum Solutions Lda. is responsible for the processing of your personal data, NCPI 514 124 270, mailing address:
Rua do Bonjardim 638, 4000-118 Porto.
If you have any issue, complaint or question regarding how we use your personal data, please contacts us via e-mail to

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